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Fish Aquariums in Delhi India Dwarka

We Provides Decorative Fish Tanks with aquarium fishes like gold fish ,tropical fish, 3d fish , 3d tropical fish , guppies fish ,shrimp, marine fish . We Deals in aquarium accessories ,equipment,filtration, backgrounds , breeding , chiller , decor with a wide range .
We are Providing Our Services From Last 5 years in Delhi - India - Dwarka . In this
years we get we much experience of type of fish ,
Aquarium Tanks , Aquarium equipment's and more over we do a lots of study on Aquarium filtration process its some thing like in the below fig 1 .
According to This Fig:1 . All the filtration process is done like Step - by step
1. Water Is Consumed by a Pump.

2. -3 . Water Gets Filtered ( Water Impurities get filtered).

4. It Rotate and Get some pressure.

5. Water is Back in tank without Impurities .

Like Many thing In last Five Years we get Dozens of inquire on aquarium fish diseases and their medic ans . About Aquariums Design , Styles , Aquarium size and volume best Suited for fishes Materials Used in water tanks . Components used in Filtration Process :- Filtration system in a typical aquarium: (1)Intake.(2) Mechanical filtration.(3) Chemical filtration and last Not Least is Aquarium maintenance.Aquarium maintenance : This is Work done on schedule bases for better life of fish's . We have take care Water conditions according to climatic weather outside / inside .Calculating aquarium capacity : An aquarium can only support a certain number of fish. Limiting factors include the availability of oxygen in the water and the rate at which the filter can process waste.
Fish Food : Its is given also according to ratio of fishes , How much water in tank . More food then fish can eat will lead to dirty water and make water suffocation for fish's.Don't Feed Fishes again and Again .
Fish Nature : Normally in many dealers in fish tank don't know which fish combination in good one place some fishes are fighting nature they fight each other and kill their Neighbors . This is thing which only come by experience .
Water : Always put fresh water and don't take water 1 or 2 days old.
( Most of time fishes dies in Aquarium because of un-refresh water and food is dissolved in water and they can't breath in water. )

Our believe :
Watching these exotic colorful fishes swim in a brightly lit glass aquarium in your living room can make you forget all your stress and strain of the day to day life.Our Aim :
We have a team of highly trained Personals who can take care of all your aquarium needs and we assure you of prompt and vest service in the New Delhi-NCR region.

We Provides :Aquarium: Filters (Internal & External), Lights - Heaters - Water Pumps
* Fish Food * Fish Medicines
* Tropical Fish * Aquarium Land Scaping & Service * Bonsal Plants * Bamboo Plants ( Feng Sui) * Terra Kota Arts
* Indoor Fountain * Gardening Tools & Equipment

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Tiger Barb Fish Care

Tiger barb are small aquarium fishes while have black color strip on their body like tiger.There lifespan is of about 5-6 yrs. That's why they got the name.Their maximum size is about of 3 inches when kept in big place.They are omnivorous in nature and it almost any thing which fits in there mouth.They are active swimmers and utilises aquarium space very well.They are aggressive in nature and they eat fins of their slow moving tank mates and of those who have large fins like angels and tetras.

They are found in south east Asia.
THEY are kept in temperature ranges 23 - 26° C (74-79° F).

Rosy Barb Fish Breeding

Rosy barb is one of the best choice to start breeding with, while according to me Molly's were the easiest ones. Rosy barb are egg layers which means they give eggs and fertilizes them outside their body.They give egg in shallow water .When the female is ready to spawn,she will appear thick because of eggs,spawning mostly occur in early morning.Female give eggs on plants and parents will also try to eat them if they find them so advised to use big tank.The young will hatch in 24 to 36 hrs. After hatching move parents to separate tank,so they can't eat fry. Avoid use of air pump because it may suck the kids .Avoid sudden movement of water and sudden change of temperature of water.You can feed them algae from the parent tank or crushed food which you use for their parents or can switch to liquid food.

Rosy Barb Care

Rosy barb are beautiful subtropical fresh water fish.Their scientific name is Puntius Conchonius.
They are pinkish in color and looks beautiful in tanks.
Their maximum size is about 6 inches when present in natural resources.While your tank size may check its length.They are also known as Red barb.
They are omnivorous and eat anything thing which you provide.Their behaviour is semi - aggressive.These are active aquarium fishes.

They are found in India and in some parts of Asia.
Their lifespan is of about 5 yrs in natural condition.
You can put them with those fishes whose size are comparable with them like mollys .
The temperature of water should be around 64–72 °F (18–22 °C),however many people have reported that their rosey is doing well in even 5 °C.

Rosy Barb Fish Care

These fish do well in small aquariums.Prefer more then 2 feet in size.
Provide them variety of food.
Rosy barb do well when they are present in group of 5 or more otherwise they may become aggressive due to nervousness.
Also put some water plants in your tank to avoid stress.

Black Widow Fish Breeding

The black widow tetra reaches sexual maturity at the age of 2 yrs. They spawn at 26 c so try to maintain temperature at this.They are egg layers they give eggs on fine leaf of plants. They should feed live food and try to change 10% of water daily in order to encourage them.You keep them in groups 5 or more and let them pair up themselves.The minimum water quantity should be at least 15 gallons. When females got fat means there may be eggs in it but its not over because they are fertilized outside.After fertilisation remove the fishes otherwise they will eat the eggs.They may give up to 1000 eggs.In 36 hrs eggs wills hatched .Soon in about 7 days the fries should be moved to
large space and they should be fed newly hatched brine shrimps or processed food.Their should be adequate(sufficient) sun light to the fries.

Gold Fish Care

The gold fish is one of the most familiar aquarium fishes.These are beautiful fresh water fishes.They can be easily seen in movies and easily available at pet store.Gold fish have memory span of about 3 months and can distinguish between various colors and shapes.They are tough and resilient.The sudden change of temperature in the aquarium should be avoided it may kill your fish as it happens with many people.They are available in many varities like comet,fantail bubble eye and many many more.Goldfish are omnivourus.Give them only two minute of food.

Temperature: 20°C (68 °F) and 22 °C (72 °F)

Life span:About 10 yrs

Breeding: Egglayers

Black Widow Fish Care

The black widow fish are also know as blackskirt tetra or black widow tetra.They have two vertical strip on their body and developed dorsal and anal fin.Anal fin looks like a skirt.Their size is about 2 inches when they become adult they turn into grey.They can be cared easily and can feed on live as well as dead food means they are omnivorous.They nature is peaceful but can sometime involve in fin nipping.They are good community fishes and live happily in groups.They like slightly planted aquarium.They can be kept in community aquarium with fishes of same size or greater.

Size:6 cm(2.25inches)

Lifespan:5 yrs.


Temperature:78 degrees F or 26 degrees C

Distinguish Between Male and Female gold fish

Generally the females are slightly bigger then males.They have bigger stomach and believed to have small fins as compared to males.The most important difference is that males develop white spot on their gills and pecotals during the time of spawning know as breeding tubcles.Males have firm abdomen while in females area between pelvic fin and anal fin is more pliable.Males goldfish have long and pointed pectoral as well as stiff fin ray while females have more rounded pectorals and shorter ,finer front fin ray.Male goldfish have smaller and more oval anal opening while females have larger and rounder anal opening and males have less thicker anal fins and it is generally observed that males chases females.I hope this information is helpful for you.By time and experience you may also become expert in distinguishing them.

Gold Fish Breeding

Breeding gold fish is not a easy task especially for begginers.If this is your first time you can opt for molly fish which is extremely easy to breed even in small tanks.However if you determined to breed goldfish then you need lots of work to do.You will need approx 20 gallon tank with live plants in it and 2 females goldfish with 3 males ensure the fishes are in healthy state.I hope you have aready differentiate between their sexes.However it is easy to differentiate them during spawning time.You can check blog archive to see deiffernces.Feed them live food like insect larvae,worms and brine shrimps.

How to spot spawning time:

Females become heavier and thicker due to eggs.

Males develop white spot on gills when they got ready.

Spawning usually occurs in the morning.

Color of fishes become more brighter.

Males chase females at random.

Then particular males chases one particular female more then before.

The male gets aggresive and push against females till she ejects egg.

When the eggs are out male deposits milt on them.

Then the eggs fall in water and on plants till they hatch.

The spawning may begin after some days of rest.

Note:The goldfish are egg eaters so remove them after spawning.

Set temperature to 21ºC .

Put few drops of methylene blue to prevent them from fungus.They are not neede to be fed till 24 hrs because they have egg yolk sac.After hacthing they will sink to bottom of the tank try not to disturb them .The process of sinking is normal.When sac is absorbed feed them baby gold fish food or hard boiled egg yolk.After it shiphone the uneaten food
but not babies.