Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rosy Barb Care

Rosy barb are beautiful subtropical fresh water fish.Their scientific name is Puntius Conchonius.
They are pinkish in color and looks beautiful in tanks.
Their maximum size is about 6 inches when present in natural resources.While your tank size may check its length.They are also known as Red barb.
They are omnivorous and eat anything thing which you provide.Their behaviour is semi - aggressive.These are active aquarium fishes.

They are found in India and in some parts of Asia.
Their lifespan is of about 5 yrs in natural condition.
You can put them with those fishes whose size are comparable with them like mollys .
The temperature of water should be around 64–72 °F (18–22 °C),however many people have reported that their rosey is doing well in even 5 °C.

Rosy Barb Fish Care

These fish do well in small aquariums.Prefer more then 2 feet in size.
Provide them variety of food.
Rosy barb do well when they are present in group of 5 or more otherwise they may become aggressive due to nervousness.
Also put some water plants in your tank to avoid stress.

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