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Fish Aquariums in Delhi India Dwarka

We Provides Decorative Fish Tanks with aquarium fishes like gold fish ,tropical fish, 3d fish , 3d tropical fish , guppies fish ,shrimp, marine fish . We Deals in aquarium accessories ,equipment,filtration, backgrounds , breeding , chiller , decor with a wide range .
We are Providing Our Services From Last 5 years in Delhi - India - Dwarka . In this
years we get we much experience of type of fish ,
Aquarium Tanks , Aquarium equipment's and more over we do a lots of study on Aquarium filtration process its some thing like in the below fig 1 .
According to This Fig:1 . All the filtration process is done like Step - by step
1. Water Is Consumed by a Pump.

2. -3 . Water Gets Filtered ( Water Impurities get filtered).

4. It Rotate and Get some pressure.

5. Water is Back in tank without Impurities .

Like Many thing In last Five Years we get Dozens of inquire on aquarium fish diseases and their medic ans . About Aquariums Design , Styles , Aquarium size and volume best Suited for fishes Materials Used in water tanks . Components used in Filtration Process :- Filtration system in a typical aquarium: (1)Intake.(2) Mechanical filtration.(3) Chemical filtration and last Not Least is Aquarium maintenance.Aquarium maintenance : This is Work done on schedule bases for better life of fish's . We have take care Water conditions according to climatic weather outside / inside .Calculating aquarium capacity : An aquarium can only support a certain number of fish. Limiting factors include the availability of oxygen in the water and the rate at which the filter can process waste.
Fish Food : Its is given also according to ratio of fishes , How much water in tank . More food then fish can eat will lead to dirty water and make water suffocation for fish's.Don't Feed Fishes again and Again .
Fish Nature : Normally in many dealers in fish tank don't know which fish combination in good one place some fishes are fighting nature they fight each other and kill their Neighbors . This is thing which only come by experience .
Water : Always put fresh water and don't take water 1 or 2 days old.
( Most of time fishes dies in Aquarium because of un-refresh water and food is dissolved in water and they can't breath in water. )

Our believe :
Watching these exotic colorful fishes swim in a brightly lit glass aquarium in your living room can make you forget all your stress and strain of the day to day life.Our Aim :
We have a team of highly trained Personals who can take care of all your aquarium needs and we assure you of prompt and vest service in the New Delhi-NCR region.

We Provides :Aquarium: Filters (Internal & External), Lights - Heaters - Water Pumps
* Fish Food * Fish Medicines
* Tropical Fish * Aquarium Land Scaping & Service * Bonsal Plants * Bamboo Plants ( Feng Sui) * Terra Kota Arts
* Indoor Fountain * Gardening Tools & Equipment

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